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Martial Arts
San Shou Kuan, Judo, Karate, Olympic Freestyle Wrestling and Thai Boxing are amongst the list of timetabled Martial Arts classes. Some of these classes take place at lunch time so why not join us then.

Karate-do is a Japanese martial art that develops parts of the body into powerful weapons that can be in self defence. Many Tokei fighters have gone on to fight on the world stage.

Tokei Fitness Centre Karate

Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling-type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns. To develop basic athletic skills such as flexibility, core strength, agility, balance, and reflexes through wrestling practice is a great way to get physically fit.

Tokei Fitness Centre Wrestling

Judo is an Olympic sport, involving throwing and holding, including arm-locks and strangles for the more senior players. All instructors are qualified through the British Judo Association. Children taught from six years of age.

Tokei Fitness Centre Judo
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

A rapidly growing grappling sport and widely considered as the most complete martial arts for ground fighting. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is derived from a combination of traditional jiu jitsu, judo, and wrestling.

Tokei Fitness Centre Olympic Jiu Jitsu
San Shou Kuan

San Shou Kuan - (Chinese Boxing Association) is mentally and physically demanding; stretching both the mind and the body. The class format allows beginners and advanced students to train together allowing sufficient time for each individual to progress and develop their martial arts skills.

Tokei Fitness Centre San Shou Kuan
Thai Boxing

A course of related exercises and postures intended to promote control of the body and mind to attain physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Tokei Fitness Centre Thai Boxing